April 16: Black water @Salud Nlgx

April 16: Black water @Salud Nlgx

Hosted by: Sandrine Wang


Event Description

April 16: Black water@Salud Nlgx
Created in 2009 in Beijing, and after numerous concerts in festivals, bars, concert halls and event for the President of the Republic of Ireland, the Irish music band BLACKWATER is back on stage.
The Irishborn singer Desmond McGarry and its unlimited repertoire of traditional and pub songs is still surrounded by Zoe Wang on accordion and Nico Torrese on guitar and tenor banjo. But BLACKWATER will start 2013 with a brand new energy brought by Kyle Daley, who plays bodhran, tin whistle, wooden flute and who also joins Des on vocals.
More than ever, BLACKWATER is probably the band that plays the most authentic Irish Music in Beijing.
乐队成立于2009年北京,之后在不计其数的音乐节,酒吧,演奏会演出。甚至是爱尔兰共和国的总理的盛会。爱尔兰的黑水乐队又一次来到舞台了。出生于爱尔兰的Desmond McGarry是一位无限全能的演奏传统酒馆歌曲的歌手,现在还是有Zoe Wang围绕在身边演奏手风琴以及Nico Torrese吉他手和高音班卓琴手。但是2013年,黑水将注入由Kyle Daley带来的新鲜能量,他演奏的是宝思兰鼓(爱尔兰的一种山羊皮鼓) ,六孔哨,木笛,也参与Des在声乐方面的配合。



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