Sign Petition:Re-examine off-campus housing proces

Sign Petition:Re-examine off-campus housing proces

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Event Description

Allow seniors the right to live off campus should they so choose.

Union College's current policies regarding off campus housing are creating situations that force students to sign leases based off of landlord pressure prior to being released off campus. This has created a tremendous issue in which over 30,000 dollars has been put down on housing by students who have yet to be released by the college due to its current policies which neglect many of the realities of the off campus housing process. Over the past few years off campus housing has become incredibly competitive with leases being signed freshmen and sophomore year. Because of this students are often forced to sign or lose a house they are interested in because of the increased demand. This problem has been compounded by the simple reality that the campus has become over crowded in certain areas creating an image of overcrowding. When students arrive on campus they are at times forced into makeshift triples and quads in Davidson and West where rooms are incredibly tight. This has subsequently fostered a desire to get off campus, that has been taken up by many seniors in my class who have decided that part of the college experience should be the ability to live in a real world environment prior to graduation should you so desire. This petition is an invitation to the administration to reexamine an obviously flawed system and allow these seniors the prerogative to enjoy their final year as they desire.
Union College Class of 2015



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