Alfa 80s Forever Young

Alfa 80s Forever Young


Along with a Million RMB renovation to the space, Alfa has also taken great efforts to refresh and reinvigorate its well known and much beloved 80s party. From now on, along with playing the classic hits of the 80s in their original form, we'll also bring along the freshest remixes of these classics to enliven the pulse of the party. The revised music format will be classic 80s starting from 9pm until past midnight with injections of remixed versions thereafter. If you haven't been to an Alfa 80s Party in awhile, it's time to come back. Check out the new space and dance to both the old and new 80s Classics. Pitchers of Long Island Ice Tea for 80rmb before 11pm inside the Club area. Free shots on the house whenever, a song by Madonna, Wham or Culture Club is played. Alfa: Party Lounge & Supperclub, No. 6 Xingfuyicun, In the hutong opposite the North Gate of the Worker's Stadium. Reservations recommended: 15811246181 Facebook: Alfa Lounge



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