Bossa Nova singer from Canada - Kamila

Bossa Nova singer from Canada - Kamila

Hosted by: Jianghubar
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Time: 2011-3-4 21:00 Ticket: 40/30(Presale) Venue: Jianghu Bar Tel: 64015269, 18610087613 Check out for music clips. Kamila is a Canadian song writer/bossa nova singer. In early 2000 she began studying Brazilian Jazz and Latin music and in 2005 moved to Brazil to perform and further her studies. In July 2007 Kamila landed in Beijing where she became the lead singer for the Samba band “Sambasia” and quickly got involved in the local Jazz scene. Kamila created a bossa nova band “Girassol” and a jazz band “Lullaby Fire” with whom she has steadily performed in several venues throughout Beijing. Tonight she will be joined by Filippo Costantini, a Jazz and bossa nova guitar player from Italy. Together they will play a variety of music from Brazil, everything from Bossa and Samba to Brazilian funk. 时间:2011.3.4 21:00 门票:40/30(预售) 地点:江湖酒吧,交道口南大街东棉花胡同7号 电话:64015269,18610087613 试听: 卡米拉是一个加拿大的歌曲作家/波萨诺瓦歌手。早在2000年她开始学习巴西的爵士乐,拉丁音乐和巴西于2005年移居巴西并继续深入研究拉丁音乐。2007年7月进军北京并作为Samba乐队“Sambasia”的主唱,并在很多当地爵士乐现场参与演出。之后Kamila成立一个BossaNova乐队"Girassol"以及一个爵士乐队“Lullaby Fire”。 今晚她将与一个来自意大利的爵士/BossaNova吉他手Filippo Costantini,一起演出。他们将一起演绎来自巴西的BossaNova/Funk音乐。



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