330 metal festival 10th anniversary

330 metal festival 10th anniversary

Hosted by: Sasha 莎莎 Wang


Event Description

330 metal festival 10th anniversary - Metal never left! It’s been 10 years since the birth of the 330 music festival to celebrate the birthday of Kou (the guitarist of Suffocated and Spring/Autumn fame) and the festival has grown to become one of the biggest indoor metal festivals in China. For musicians and fans alike this event promises a great feast of metal as repeated metal miracles intoxicate all your senses. This year’s event pushes the boundaries of Chinese metal festivals in terms of stage design, audio equipment and, of course, all twelve carefully selected bands, to ensure Chinese heavy metal perfection. Ten years of gathering, ten years of memories, ten years of classics and ten years of metal will melt together on the 19th of March. The sponsors, Suffocated, will draw on all their experience to give a festival to remember. Heavy metal soldiers, hold high your horns, let`s mosh! What: 330 metal festival 10th anniversary - Metal never left When:19th Mar 2011 15:00PM Where: TANGO 3RD FLOOR. No.79 Hepingli Xi Jie, South Gate of Ditan Park Sponsor: Pilot records, Tango, 7miao.cn Tickets: VIP-330rmb/ Site purchase-150rmb Package-330rmb(4 tickets) Tickets business: 400 692 6606 Exclusive tickets: www.7miao.com BAND INFO SUFFOCATED: Thrash Metal(1997) Official sponsors of 330 metal festival, the backbone of Chinese thrash metal and well known to anyone with an iota of metal in their blood. THE FACE: Heavy Metal (1989) This band is one of the most famous Chinese rock bands. After the band restructured in 2006 they are keen to get back on stage. SPRING/AUTUMN: Heavy Metal (2000) Traditional heavy metal fuses with Chinese music elements to create a rich and vigorous sound. CRACK: Thrash Metal (2005) Part of the new generation of Chinese thrash metal bands, their sound is characterized by a powerful fluidity. DIE FROM SORROW: Melodic Death/Power Metal (2004) The most famous melodic death/power metal band in China. Superb playing skills combine with rich a melodic content to make them become a new force of Chinese heavy metal. RAGING MOB: Thrash Metal (2005) The singer Robert (of Germany thrash cult band ASSASSIN fame) has been living in Beijing for over fifteen years. The mixed nationalities of the musicians create a band style very different from other Chinese bands. MOONLESS ACHERON: Thrash Metal (new) Band from HuNan province.Launching their first album and new EP at the festival.Also is their frist show in Beijing LAST SUCCESSOR: Progressive Metal (2002) Progressive metal with a strong Chinese folk influence this is arguably the best Chinese progressive metal band. EVILTHORN: Black Metal (2001) Reforming last year after a short hiatus this band is one of a handful of black metal bands in Beijing to still play live. Overtones of Immortal meet elements of Satyricon in this caustic mix of militaristic vehemence. Corpse paint is a must. SHENTOU: Heavy/Thrash Metal (1999) Drawing from pure US heavy/thrash metal (METALLICA, TESTAMENT). LACERATE: Thrash Metal (2005) Deeply influenced by SLAYER, OVERKILL with female vocals. TEMPERED: Melodic Metal (2004) With their roots in Beijing Union University, returning after two years of separation they reformed in 20



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