VOY live music and dance performance

VOY live music and dance performance

Hosted by: Philippe Bouvet
Påmeldingsfrist: 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM



Event Description

一场名为"VOY" (意为"I go", 旨在发出踏上旅途的邀请)的绝无仅有的演出。 将由作曲家钢琴家兼歌唱家Veronique Truffort的弹唱与陶身体剧场舞蹈家陶冶的舞蹈合作展现。 此次演出由璃墟艺术中心提供三个星期的空间,使两位艺术家在彼此感受中迸发灵感而进行创作。 Veronique的音乐行云流水。陶冶的身体流水行云。 VOY是一场音乐的邂逅, 我们的语言和文字将被想象与情感所取代。 在时间的流逝中体会视觉与听觉的纯粹饕餮盛典。 In the music of Veronique Truffot (composition, piano, vocals) - VOY solo, that the emotion which is at the origin of the composition. Words composing our language are replaced by an imaginary and emotional language, which tells a different story to each listener, thus respecting the area of freedom, intimacy and imagination of everyone. It is music of meetings, toward other, toward yourself. 地点:北京市朝阳区崔各庄乡何各庄村壹号地艺术园D区100103 时间:10月29日(周五)20:00; 10月30日(周六)20:00; 10月31日(周日)17:00 票价: 当日购票价200元/张; 预订购票价150元/张 热线:64336920 / 64336913 接送:10月29日、30日18:30—19:00;10月31日15:30-16:00 十号线地铁三元桥C1出口 网址:http://www.laplantation.cn/vc.html 邮箱:info@laplantation.cn Add : Art Base One, D Area, Hegezhuang, Cuigezhuang Township, Chaoyang District Beijing, China 100103 Date : Friday oct 29th 8pm; Saturday oct 30th 8pm; Sunday oct 31st 5pm PAF : 200 rmb at the door; 150 rmb in advance Tel : reservation 64336920 / 64336913 Bus : oct 29th & 30th 6:30pm - 7pm; oct 31st 3:30pm - 4pm A shuttle bus will start from subway station San Yuan Qiao exit C1 and back to Dongzhimen after the show. URL : http://www.laplantation.cn/vc.html Email: info@laplantation.cn 诚意邀请大家来观看并恳请帮忙宣传! 请于周四24号之前邮件或电话确定是否参加、于哪天观看。 谢谢!



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