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Where is music? Music is before the music. music is in the singer's gazing on the bird sweeping the empty blue sky, music is in the singer’s waiting for the snow melting ... ... Poetry is another surprise we provide. Poetry, literature, music, painting, was the scholar of our country and the most common standards for basic requirements. Today, Zhang Jing from the Song Zhuang Art District will do the traditional fusion, inheritance and carried forward. Draw up the curtain, there is not just music ... ... Schedule: 15:00-21:00 Zhang Jing Solo Exhibition, including the fan paintings, small paintings, modern ink painting; 21:30-23:30 concerts, Jiabin Hong Kai, He Li; 22:15-22:30 poetry reading + music video playback. Zhang Jing: http://www.douban.com/artist/jing/ Blog: http://blog.sina.com.cn/zhangjing73628 Born in Hangzhou, at an early age to study painting, China Academy of Art to study painting, Hangzhou Normal University Department of Music to study music. Has set up "Deep Blue", "confusion", "NASA" band. After 2000, the focus on music, text sorting, complete the Collected Works, "people have changed" and the music scores of the first. Personal poetry published in 2005 Le Paintings "suddenly sucked." 2010 release album "Puzzle" (confusing); and Hung Kai, He Li co-sponsored "for a three-2010 plan." Hong Kai: http://www.douban.com/artist/hongqi/ Is rich in legendary folk singer, contemporary folk important representatives. His folk songs to the structure of the United States, Taiwan folk melodies and poetic composition of Chinese intellectuals, gave him "the beauty of Chinese pop music rarely pure folk," "Folk Songs of the idealist," "new folk circles cut * Che Guevara "and reputation. He Li: http://www.douban.com/artist/heli/ Songwriter, singer, guitarist, music producer, poet. "I am born in the birth of the great opera, Shaanxi, flowers, Maqam great folk artists of the land. It is the source of my music, direction and standards." - He Li Time: 2010.11.12 Location: Jianghu Bar Ticket: 50 Tel: 64014611, 13488735783



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