Gaze Me

Gaze Me

3. Nov. 21:00 - 23:00

Event Description

Gaze me: Formerly known as Guo Zhiming, in 2005 the first solo demo "joyful thing" was spreaded in small-scale local music circles. In August 2007 the second demo "The same sorrow after Joy" was issued and got fans and critics at home, where the song "Fan strong" was included in "I love rock and roll" at 103. Once said that "birds" as the band to participate in universal youth hostel "Shaniao speak up" series of performances, then at the help of the band Gaze me became gradually mature. 2009 he planned and appeared in the experimental stage "domestic violence organizations", access to insiders alike. In addition to doing personal folk music, he also work with the experimental band, "Zhao's cube". Timotai: Timotai, started many years ago, resulted at 2008, folk rock style. Learning and engage in music is a hard seeking journey. Vocal and rhythm guitar: Liangyi Drummer: Qidan Bass: Wang Liwen Lead guitar: Erjiansizu Ticket: 30RMB Tel: 64014611, 13488735783


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7 Dongmianhua Hutong, Jiaodaokou Nandajie,

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