V.A Live!!! Salty Candy Quintet

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Event Description

Trombone:Yang Ming Tenor:Xiao Ji(Shi Yuji) Keyboard:Xiao Yu (Zhao Haoyu) Bass:Jawlan﹒Jiesur Drum:Superman (Luo Chaowen) Salty Candy is a 5 pieces Jazz group, plays both traditional Jazz and contemporary Jazz music, by the flow, the band builds up its own music style and original compositions. Lead by trombonist & composer Mr. Yang Ming, the band had been focusing on finding their special consideration of the true side of Jazz, the real free. By studying together, band mates started cooperating all direction of everybody’s idea, it creates super team arrangements and very special sound…… Yang Ming, the band leader, had been studied Jazz Trombone and world music education in the Royal Conservatory and Prince Claus Conservatory Netherlands from 2003 to 2008, and went to New York to study Jazz Composition in year 2007. From the returning back home, Yang Ming started to call upon the young power of Jazz musician, try to build up our own Jazz field. The Salty Candy is one of the first band which had been succeded. Generally speaking of the band icon: Tell The Truth. Before we wonder how much we should beauy our skill and music ability, the first thing we drive ourself is Say What We Want To Say. The Spiritral side of Jazz we believe is not how fansy we can do, but how brave we can face ourself. From then on, music from Salty Candy make the audience feel home. Jazz is no longer a thing which is super distinguished and above every single music, Jazz is just a thing which close to our life, close to our drive, close to our spiritral world...... V.A Live !!! Salty Candy Quintet 11月20日 晚9点45分 9:45PM 20th November, 2010 北京市东城区五道营胡同13号 No.13 Wu Avenue Ying Hutong, Dongcheng District,Beijing www.douban.com/host/vabar All events are publiced at http://www.cityweekend.com.cn/beijing/people/bj_va_bar/ http://u.youku.com/VABar E-mail:bj_va_bar@hotmail.com Tel:010-58443638 13910228025 ¥50



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