V.A Live!!! The Ah-Q Jazz Arkestra

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The Ah-Q Jazz Arkestra The current line-up includes: Kenny Liu Xiaoguang - tenor sax and flute Matt Roberts - trombone Da Zhong - bass David Moser - keyboards Scott Silverman - drums David Beckstead - guitar Nathalie Craan - vocals The Ah-Q Jazz Arkestra plays at various venues around town. The Ah-Q Jazz Arkestra performs an eclectic mix of straight-ahead, modern, funk and Latin jazz compositions, including many Ah-Q originals. Mixing different styles and influences and “stretching” in creative improvisation to “dance on the edge” is the band’s trademark. The Ah-Q Jazz Arkestra features: on vocals, the multi-cultural and multi-talented Nathalie Craan; on drums, Scott Silverman, one of China’s tastiest jazz drummers; on upright and electric bass, the versatile Da Zhong; on keyboards, the multi-talented composer scholar David Moser; and on guitar, Canadian jazz educator David Beckstead. The Ah-Q horn section features the powerful sounds of Kenny Liu Xiaoguang, one of China’s most exciting jazz improvisationalists, on flute and tenor sax, and long-time Beijing jazz stalwart Matt Roberts on trombone. The band was formed in 2003, with an original line-up including saxophonist Atsushi Ouchi and drummer Andy Collier, both of whom now play jazz in New York. The group has featured some of Beijing’s finest jazz musicians over the years, including bassist Adam Huang (the mastermind of the Ninegates Jazz Festival), drummer Xiao Dou and trumpeter Wen Zhiyong. V.A Live !!! The Ah-Q Jazz Arkestra 11月12日 晚9点45分 9:45PM 12th November, 2010 北京市东城区五道营胡同13号 No.13 Wu Avenue Ying Hutong, Dongcheng District,Beijing www.myspace.cn/bj_va_bar www.douban.com/host/vabar All events are publiced at http://www.thebeijinger.com/user/91758/track http://www.cityweekend.com.cn/beijing/people/bj_va_bar/ http://www.bjstuff.com/profile/vabar http://u.youku.com/VABar E-mail:bj_va_bar@hotmail.com Tel:010-58443638 13910228025 ¥50



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