Be for Inception(一起“盗梦”吧)

Be for Inception(一起“盗梦”吧)

16. Oct. 18:30 - 21:30


Event is finished


Event Description

Inception(盗梦) If you have the ability of inception in the movie: “Inception”, whose dreams do you want to steal? 如果你拥有电影《盗梦空间》中的“盗梦能力”,你想盗取谁的梦? We design different themes and tasks. 我们将设计不同主题和任务。 Let’s enjoy it. Minimum Cost for food & drinking: RMB 10 yuan/person. Tips: Deli & Bistro is an Italian restaurant where you can enjoy cheap but delicious food including noodles, pizza, sushi, fresh salad and also drinking, their price ranges 10~20 yuan.


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