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ArtsMoved is a mobile art festival dedicated to spreading and promoting Catalan culture through art. This autumn 2010, ArtsMoved, UCCA, CoreLabs, Migas Restaurant and Instituto Cervantes are cooperating to bring Beijingers –from 29 october to 6 november– a taste of Catalonian and Balearic Islands culture through the creativity of a group of talented young Catalan artists. The festival includes: Videoart exhibitions and opening party : CoreLabs( free BBQ and DJs play), 29 oct Poetry readings (Catalan/ Chinese) and concerts: UCCA, 30-31 oct. Closing party/dinner with music, visuals and a taste of Catalan gastronomy: Migas restaurant, 31 oct. Videoart exhibitions:Instituto Cervantes, 2-6 nov. You’re all invited. See you there! *Download the schedule here: * *All the activities are free. * *More information: PS, for the opening day at Core Labs(Huan Tie Art City A-188), 29th Oct, we are going to rent a small bus to pick you up from the north gate of 798(D-PARK north entrence), and the No.4 entrence(the one leads to UCCA) to the studio,from 16:00 to 23:00, if you have any problem to find us, please call 15210070063 “移动的艺术”是一个致力于通过艺术来传播和推广加泰罗尼亚文化的流动艺术节。 在这个秋季,从10月29日到11月6日,通过一群极具天分的年轻加泰罗尼亚艺术家的作品,“移动的艺术”,尤伦斯艺术中心,核心工作室,米家思餐厅,以及塞万提斯学院将一起为北京市民带来一场加泰罗尼亚和巴利阿里群岛文化的盛宴。 本次艺术节包括: 影像艺术展及开幕PARTY:Core Labs核心工作室(10月29日) 诗朗诵(加泰罗尼亚语/中文)以及音乐会:尤伦斯艺术中心(10月30-31日) 闭幕晚会/音乐晚餐、视频艺术以及加泰罗尼亚小吃品尝:米家思餐厅(10月31日) 影像艺术展:塞万提斯学院(11月2-6日) 注:周五在Core Labs的开幕展览,我们将会安排一辆小巴于下午四点至晚十一点往返于798北门(D-PARK时尚设计广场的门)、以及798的4号门(通往尤伦斯的那个门)和环铁之间。有问题请咨询:15210070063 所有的活动都将是免费,您和您的朋友都受到我们的邀请,我们不见不散! *活动日程请参考: * 详细信息见我们的网站:



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