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24th 25th /12/2010 19:00h MORIR O NO/ TO DIE OR NOT. Ventura Pons. (1999) 1.- To die: Seven independent stories that end up with the death of one of their main characters. A movie director who attempts to get away from his creative emptiness. A heroin addict who cannot resist drugs. A little girl who chokes on chicken bones. A hospital patient who is unable to press the alarm button. A hysterical woman who is stuck on pills and liquors. A young motorcycle driver run down by the police. An executive who is the victim of a paid killer. 2.- Not to die: The seven stories are linked together, in a humorous tone, in a complete story: none of them die, and all characters are interrelated. Is this a second chance of fate, or just the mental meandering of a movie director eager for a good story for his new film?



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