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OPENING NOV 16th at 1800 ! A Retrospective and actual Photo Exhibition An Historic French – Chinese collaboration 40 Photos Exhibition from 1906 + Today's photographies by French photographer Adeline CASSIER The exhibition "From Tonkin to Yunnan" offers to the visitor forty photographs taken in 1906 in southern China in Yunnan Province. It is presented in 40x50 format frames and accompanied by five frames of maps and documentary texts. In 1906 the French government sent an expedition to Yunnan to assess the feasibility and cost of building a line of railway from the frontier of Tonkin, under French protectorate (nowadays Vietnam) to reach Yunnan, capital of Yunnan province. Henry Decron, a member of this expedition, realizes then more than two hundred photographs on glass plates. You can read a document of the Société des Batignolles who built this railway track actually still in operation today: "The railway from Yunnan was an foolish achievement following an overwhelming colonial policy and it was achieved despite incredible difficulty and has all the characteristics of an real epic ... " The images displayed show the preparatory stage: the route of the line along the walls of towering Yunnan mountains. They can also explore the architecture and people then living in this province called "the country south of the clouds." Marie-Jose Lafon, owner of the glass plates and members of the PCC Photography Creation & Communication in Montauban, fired a selection of forty of these images on photo paper. This exhibition has been presented in several places in France, in Tarn and Garonne and the premises of the Alliance Franco-Chinese in Toulouse. The Group Associated China Foreign Photographers in Beijing and the French Association PCC Photocrea Photo Creation & Communication propose together the organization in Beijing of this exhibition, exceptional by the historical character and the rarity of these documents. For more information, please contact: ACFP, Christian-Jacques HEYER, tel: +86 139 1168 3050, Email:



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