Peace and love - 4th Anniversary of Jianghu Bar

Hosted by: Jianghubar
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Event Description

That day,You never know you will be living in your dream. Don't hesitate, because it is your heart that take you here. The great festival is nothing but the memory for your own. The burning flames will light your life at the instant. All shows: every night 9:00-11:00 Band’s Performace 11:00-02:00 Drinks and Songs 11.22 Mon. Guitar Night (Ticket: 20RMB) 11.23 Tue. Jazz Night (Ticket: 30RMB) Performer : Jianghu Septet 11.24 Wed. Folk Night (Ticket: 20RMB) 11.25 Thurs. Rock Night (Ticket: 30RMB) Performer : Love’s tourettes (U.S) 11.26 Fri. Gypsy Jazz Night (Ticket: 30RMB) Performer : Mademoiselle (France) 11.27 Sat. China’ Rock Night (Ticket: 40RMB) Performer: Liu donghong with Sha zi Band 11.28 Sun. Jianghu's Time (Ticket: 20RMB) Performer : Slap(Er Guang) Band Time: 2010.11.22-2010.11.28 Add: No.7 DongMianHua Hutong,Jiaodaokou Nanda, Dongcheng District,Beijing Tel: 64014611, 13488735783(69), 13269227168(Tianxiao) Sponser : Jianghu Bar Co-sponsor:Guitar china, The world of Chinese, The Beijingner, Time out, etc.



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