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We all live by the way we believe, some have started to leave, and some are still in place to continue. At this autumn, what you harvest are not more sun and breeze, but also some warm sound. Cosy Bottle: http://www.douban.com/artist/cosybottle/ Cosy Bottle is a solo band founded by Lee, who is a chinese cuty girl comimg back from Australia. Cosy Bottle is a name, and also a state. In a less than 15 square meters studio, she uses an acoustic guitar, that becomes the best endorsement. Her works are lonely and creative freedom, wipers, bottles, books with pedestrians, imaginary medium. In the world of her voice, any expression can be accepted, regardless of quiet warmth, or cynical. She slowly sings the witch’s fairy tales when eyes closed, and begins to tear the reality of contradictions when eyes opened. She records all through life paranoid and tolerance by heart, that is the reason she sing for you. Uncle Hu: http://www.douban.com/artist/unclehu/ Uncle Hu is a silent singer come from Chongqing. Ticket: 40RMB Add: Jianghu Bar Tel: 64014611, 13488735783



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