S.O.S presents Jonas Kopp(LIVE SET) @ Yue

Hosted by: Mu Dirty Dishes
Påmeldingsfrist: 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM



Event Description

Free Entry !! supporting DJs Lupen(Science of sounds) M.Ross(Science of sounds) Jackson Lee ShenYue(Science of sounds) VJ: Xponja(Science of sounds) Jonas Kopp as a producer was launched when he was 19 years old. After seven years of hard work we find one of the most representative argentine talents for the minimal and techno global scene. Jonas is very well depicted by the constant hypnotic flavour in his tracks, the techno arrangements, deep basslines that really fill the surrounding space, the use of effects like reverb and LFO's and his faithful attachment to his Detroit and Chicago roots as creative influences . His live performances are two hours of Ableton Live, plenty of hipnotic groove, creating different states all along the set. His DJ sets are a perfect analog-digital fusion, using final scratch and midi controllers. Artists such as Mattew Dear, Adam Beyer , Sven Vath , Chris Liebing, Par Grindvik, Pan Pot, rank his tracks in their latest charts. He recently founded Traut Muzik, a Label in which he curates the best techno and House artists from the argentine and global techno scene. Jonas Kopp just introduced himself to the international scene by Matthew Dear , in the label Spectral Sound sharing roster with Audion , Par Grindvik , James T Cotton , Geoff White , Seth Troxler , Mikael Stravostrand 免门票! Supporting DJs M.Ross (科学之声) Lupen (科学之声) Shen Yue (科学之声) Jackson Lee VJ: Xponja (科学之声) 科学之声作为在中国电子音乐中不可或缺的力量,将特邀阿根廷鬼才DJ兼制作人Jonas Kopp空降北京,带领各位电子乐迷们痛快感受来自南美的迷幻Techno世界。此次为了答谢广大电子音乐爱好者对我们的支持,我们将为大家献上这道免费的电子音乐大餐! Jonas Kopp 19岁就已制作人身份开始了自己的音乐职业生涯,经过七年的辛勤耕耘,他成为了在全球Minimal,Techno圈子中最具代表性的阿根廷天才之一!Jonas之所以深受好评,是因为他音乐中不断贯穿着的奇妙、犹如催眠般的旋律,他对Techno音色的独特处理,重低音贝司的强调,对混响和低频振荡的依恋,及底特律、芝加哥Techno对他造成的创造性影响。他的现场表演包括两个小时的Ableton现场,大量的 Hipnotic旋律,以及在表演中不断创造光怪陆离的新奇声音。 包括Mattew Dear、Adam Beyer、Sven Vath、Chris Liebing、Par Grindvik、Pan Pot在内的重量级Techno艺人都将Jonas的曲目放到了他们最新的音乐播放排行中。 活动地点:悦 (北京市朝阳区朝阳公园路1号 好运街1 - 7)



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