Thanksgiving Dinner@Culture Yard

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For english scroll down! 天井越洋英语俱乐部:感恩节大餐! 想体验一个特别的美式感恩节么?快来天井越洋的小四合院,和我们一起品尝感恩节大餐吧! 这里有正宗美式传统食品,饮品,游戏……其中还穿插有关感恩节的小知识噢。 还有毕业于牛津大学的外教,与大家一起面对面交流,分享他最独特的感恩节经历。 我们期待您的加入! 关于这个盛大的节日感恩节,以下是对其的一些大体的介绍。由于感恩节这天与我们的英语俱乐部是同一天,所以当天首先会有一个对感恩节传统的很简短的图片和文字的介绍(最长15分钟)。然后我们会一同享用感恩节晚餐。我会外购一个传统的感恩节食物火鸡并在当天递送到天井越洋。对于不喜欢吃火鸡的人,我们也有烤鸭奉上哦! 除此之外还会有5个附加菜,如土豆泥,饼干,绿豆沙拉,米饭和红豆汤。我们也会提供一些酸梅酱和其他的水果蔬菜当做饭后甜点,如红薯饼或者南瓜饼(依情况而定)。但是酒水不包括在内。 作为一个大家庭,除了大家聚在一起胡吃海喝之外,感恩节没有其他的传统和必做之事了。没有歌,故事或一些类似的事情,晚餐之后,就应该是欣赏音乐和高谈阔论,随意聊天的时刻了。 时间:11月25日周四 19点——尽兴 地址:东城区石雀胡同10号天井越洋(北新桥地铁站C口) 用费:90RMB 天井越洋学生:75RMB 预约:需要预约,名额有限 请发邮件至 或致电010-84044166 **************************************************************** This November come to English Club’s Thanksgiving Dinner on November 25th! In this extended special class you will learn about Thanksgiving, it’s history and traditions, in Culture Yard’s fun Thanksgiving Special!! The evening will include an introduction to the American Thanksgiving Festival and traditional Thanksgiving food, drinks, fun and games for everyone to enjoy! So come and take part in one of America’s favourite festivals! About Thankgiving, here is a rough overall sketch of what it will be like. since it falls the same night as english club, it will be a very very short lesson with pictures and a short explanation of traditions and whatnot (no more than 15 minutes, tops). Then right after we can have a small thanksgiving dinner sample. I would like to buy a whole turkey already cooked and delivered to the yard on that day. For those who don’t eat turkey i would like to also get either a whole chicken or a coooked duck. There will be about 5 side dished inlcuding mashed potatoes,biscuits, green bean salad, rice, and black or red bean soup. I’m also thinking of including cranberry sauce and maybe another veggie. For dessert, probably sweet potatoe pie or pumpkin pie… we’ll see. drinks are not included. There are no real thanksgiving traditions besides getting fatter together, as a family. no songs or stories or anything like that. So along with, and after dinner it’s just listening to music and talking and hanging out. When? Thursday, November 25th – 7pm – late. Where? Culture Yard, No. 10, Shique Hutong, Dongcheng District. Price? 90RMB CY Students: 75RMB Registration? Limited spaces, please e-mail or call 84044166 to register for this event.



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