TANGO at the Westin&Liu Ren: A Photography Ret

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Venue: 1 ARTBANK, 4th floor of the Westin Beijing Chaoyang Address: 7 North Dongsanhuan Road, Chaoyang district, Beijing 100027, China 5:00 PM—Liu Ren exhibition opening reception 6:30 PM—Argentine tango performance (Intructors TT & Amy) 7:30 PM—FREE tango beginner’s class (Intructors Diego & Julia) 9:00 PM—FREE tango milonga (DJ Ricardo) 1 ARTBANK is delighted to open the exhibition Liu Ren on November 27th at the Westin Beijing Chaoyang. Born in China in 1980, Liu has been known as an experimental art photographer working with the themes of fantasy, dream, and desire using a wide range of computer enhancement programs from Photoshop to 3ds Max. In the course of five years of her career, Liu has—amongst others—further contributed for the consolidation of photography as a form of legitimate artistic expression within the landscape of social consciousness in China. To celebrate the opening reception of Liu Ren (5:00 PM), we will be hosting a tango performance (6:30 PM), a FREE tango beginner’s class (7:30 PM), and a FREE tango milonga at the Westin (9:00 PM), courtesy of the Beijing-based Tango Chino Club and beijing.tango. Please come and join us for a night of dancing! More info about the artist: www.artbank-chiina.com 1 ARTBANK is a contemporary art exhibition space located at The Westin Beijing Chaoyang. The 1 ARTBANK exhibition space focuses on representing local and international artists that are either based in or have maintained a relationship with Beijing. For inquires, please contact 1 ARTBANK at + 86 10 5922 8888 ext. 8724, or email: info@artbank-china.com



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