Book Club at Culture Yard

Book Club at Culture Yard

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Event Description

Curious about literature? Interested in lively discussion of Western classics with other like-minded people? Want to hone your English and critical thinking? Then join us for this intriguing book club. April topic: Master Story-telling: Anton Chekhov Through the stories of Anton Chekhov, we explore the writings of one of Western literature’s most influential writers. This introduction to the short story will engage your mind and gives the perfect opportunity to apply your developed English skills. Led and facilitated by Eli Walker, an American graduate of English Literature and Writing and an English teacher, you are sure to leave more knowledgeable of Western culture and more confident in your English ability. The collection of short stories used is Selected Stories by Anton Chekhov (Signet Classic edition only), available at the Wangfujing Book Store. The Wordsworth edition does not contain the stories we will cover, so pick up the Signet Classic! The club’s facilitator, Eli Walker, graduated with honors from Hiram College, holding a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Writing. Over the past five years he has taught English and writing to children, teenagers, and adults and hopes to make Western books accessible to all. When? Starts Monday, April 11th, 19:30-21:00 and continues April 18th, April 25th, and May 2nd. (scroll down for infor on each session) Where? Culture Yard, Shique Hutong n°10 How much? 80RMB/class, 280RMB for all four; 70RMB/class for students, 240RMB for all four Only 10 spaces available, so please reserve in advance. E-mail or call 010-8404 4166. Session Details In our first session (April 11th) we discuss “The Confession”; “A Nincompoop”; “A Cure for Drinking”; and “The Dance Pianist.” Our second session (April 18th) discusses “The Milksop”; “In Spring”; and “Agafya.” Our third session (April 25th) discusses “The Kiss”; “The Father”; and “In Exile.” Our fourth and final session (May 2nd) discusses “The House with the Mansard” and “Peasants.” Be sure to read the stories one, two, or three times, and taking notes is recommended. Come ready for riveting discussion. 对文学感兴趣?想和知趣相投的朋友一起讨论西方文学经典?想打磨自己的英文和批判思考的能力?那就来参加我们的读书沙龙吧! 四月主题:契科夫 透过契科夫的作品,我们一同来探索这位西方文学界最有影响力的作家。讨论契科夫的短片小说不仅能让你参与进积极的思考,同时也能给你一个锻炼英文的平台。在Eli Walker(英语文学专业写作老师)的主持下,你一定会充实自己关于西方文化的知识,并提高自己的英语表达能力。 本次读书沙龙将要讨论的短片小说都选自契科夫的《Selected Stories》,这本书在王府井书店可以买到,但请注意是Signet Classic版本,而不是Wordsworth版本,Wordsworth版本中没有包括所有我们要讨论的短篇小说。 这次读书沙龙的主讲人Eli Walker是Hiram College的荣誉毕业生,主修英语文学和写作。在过去的五年中,他为不同年龄的教授英文,并希望更多的人可以读懂西方文学。 沙龙讨论内容介绍: 第一次沙龙讨论作品:“The Confession”; “A Nincompoop”; “A Cure for Drinking”; and “The Dance Pianist.” 第二次沙龙讨论作品:“The Milksop”; “In Spring”; and “Agafya.” 第三次沙龙讨论作品: “The Kiss”; “The Father”; and “In Exile.” 第四次沙龙讨论作品:“The House with the Mansard” and “Peasants.” 时间:4月11日&#



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