Scrambled 炒.

Hosted by: Ekki
Påmeldingsfrist: 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM



Event Description

we know it's cold. nobody wants to go out. that's why we have chosen a place that's relatively in between the wudaokou and chaoyang contingents.. and we're starting the party earlier.. making it convenient for you to swing by after dinner and warm up to some cheap drinks and insurgent music! Siif 如果 8:30pm til late 晚上八点半到晚 cocktails 鸡尾酒 20rmb tsingdao 青岛 10rmb dubstep. indie. dance. bass. relax with beats and beers 享受一下音乐和啤酒带来的轻松感觉 BRAINWASH YOUR FACE! flyer design by luke ume (



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