Mumm Champagne New Year's Eve Party

Hosted by: Mai Quant
Påmeldingsfrist: 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM



Event Description

The transformation tale of Migas: this New Year's Eve Migas welcomes 2011 with Mumm Champagne, DJ Suiki, Migas Resident DJ Nassdak, and by re-opening the Migas terrace for one night only. There will be lots champagne accompanied by funky disco soul breaks. RMB120 for Men and Free for the Ladies. Free Entry for pre-reserved RMB500 Bottles of Mumm Champagne. On NYE have dinner at Niajo, Carmen or Agua and receive a FREE ticket. 22h till you can't dance anymore. Join us and discover the many surprises we have in store! Contact us at: 米家思变身记:米家思2011跨年晚会由玛姆香槟赞助,特邀嘉宾DJ Suiki,DJ Nassdak, 当晚将会会有funk,soul,disco。。美妙的音乐伴随着香槟酒,带你进入变身后的米家思,露天阳台仅在当晚开放。 男士120元;女士免费。 提前预定玛姆香槟仅500元且免费赠送入场券一张。 晚上10点开始直到你不能跳舞了。 请加入我们,您将会发现有很多的惊喜! 联系我们:010-52086061



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