Mahjong Workshop/麻将

Hosted by: Elisa
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Event Description

So, you have probably heard about the Chinese “Four Great Inventions” (四大发明): papermaking, printing, gunpowder and the compass. Do you know that there is a “fifth great invention”? Do you know that it is quintessential in the daily life of Chinese people and is perhaps more important than the compass and the gunpowder. It’s Mah-jong, the sophisticated game which has a handful of versions to explain its origin. You can see people playing on the street, in their home or in the Mah-jong teahouses. It’s popular all over China with rules varied from places to places. The basic rule though is universal and easy to learn. In our one day workshop, we will introduce this great invention to you. Our Mah-jong “experts” who heard the noise of Mah-jong playing before they could speak, grew up with it, and who know more than one way of playing it, will give you some cultural background about the origin and popularity of Mah-jong game as well as teach you how to play it. We will teach you several variations of Mah-jong game that are popular now in Beijing or elsewhere in China. You will also have the chance to actually play it with the Mah-jong sets we provide. We can assure you that it’s like visiting the Great Wall or eating Beijing Roast Duck, playing Mah-jong is one of the must-dos for a genuine Chinese experience. In the beginners session learn to play mahjong with a teacher at Culture Yard. In the intermediate session, Culture Yard will take you play with the locals at the nearby mahjong spot! Not only learn the game with the real masters but also take part in an unforgettable Beijing experience! The workshop will be held in English. TIME of next workshops: Beginners,December 5th, 10:00 – 13:00 / December 12th, 10:00 – 13:00 Intermediate: December 19th, 10:00- 13:00 VENUE: Culture Yard, n°10 Shique hutong, Dongcheng Dist, Beijing, China (see directions) COST: 70RMB / session(50RMB if prepaid before October 20th for beginners, and Oct 27th for intermediate ) – including soft drinks. Registration and inquiry: at Culture Yard office, or just call 010-84044166 Only 12 seats available. RESERVATION REQUIRED. (Mahjong on wikepedia) 麻将工作坊 麻将,在中国的大街小巷遍地开花, 打麻将已差不多是中国人生活的一部分,和看长城,吃北京烤鸭一样有意思。尽管玩法随地域略有差别,但基本的玩法却不过那几种,不难学习。 在天井∙越洋的一日“麻将工作坊”中,我们的中国行家将教你麻将的几种流行玩法及麻将的文化背景,当然,你也可在我们的麻将桌上一搓为快。 时间:初级: 12月05日 10:00-13:00 / 12月12日 10:00-13:00 中级:12月19日 10:00-13:00 地点:天井∙越洋,东城区北新桥石雀胡同10号(具体位置) 费用:70元 / 一次(到3天前付费 – 50元, 包括软饮) 预约 or 010-8404 4166 (仅接受前12名预约者)



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