Customs Million - Zhang Jing Music Series - Pt. II

Hosted by: Jianghubar



Event Description

Jiang Hu, which can be a stab in the back of the arena infighting out the gun; can be bloody Willful allies and enemies in the arena, but also can be fulled of tea liquor poetry and painting. Jiang Hu, there may be fluttering white refined scholar, there may be dressed in clothing of the mysterious nocturnal Vigilante In The Mask, there will be faceless as you and I have often wonders, passer-by. Million people, there are the countless Jiang Hu, each are different. Now, Zhang Jing, a literary artist from Hangzhou, invites you on a tour of his music arena. Here we have poem, painting, here we have wine, tea, here we have experiences and stories, the interpretation of human well-being, way to make things past. Zhang Jing, born in 1973 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Singer, poet, songwriter, artist. Now lives in Song Zhuang, Beijing. page: This will be a series of performances, each performed two weeks time on Wednesday. Time: 2011.1.05 21:00 Wednesday Venue: Jiang Hu Bar Tickets: Free Tel: 64014611,18610087613



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