Wang Yu-chi and Band

Hosted by: Jianghubar



Event Description

The guitarist Wang Yu-chi, the founder of the Chinese famous rock band Second Hand Rose, the guitarist of Zhang Chu, Jiang Xi, Muma, etc. Wang Yu-chi said: "We have been dreaming. black dream at night, white dream at day. Easy to wake up of night dream, but it is difficult to the day dream." This time he took to himself, crooning shallow sing, come to call the recovery of all things ...... In the gray of the city, telling the bright aura, perhaps the spark of impetuous, and most wonderful idea, is lost from us, perhaps inadvertently this gray city of smart ideas that will begin. 2011.1.1 nine nights Meet with him and let "Wild World" Vocal: Wang Yu-chi Keyboard: Tiscione Guitar: Zhao Long Bass: Feng Huan Drum: White Guzheng: Li Shuai website: Time: Jan. 1 Ticket: 30RMB Venue: Jianghu Bar Tel: 64014611, 18610087613



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