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欢迎周六晚参加此活动,我们将分成几组进行知识PK,敢挑战你就来,呵呵! 《老友记》粉丝需知道的101件事 1. The first line of dialogue in the very first pilot episode of Friends was "There's nothing to tell. 【译文】老友记第一季第一集第一句台词是“There's nothing to tell!”(是Monica说的:There's nothing to tell! He's just some guy I work with!) 2. A 30-second commercial during the break in the show in America cost advertisers £500,000. 【译文】剧集在美国本土播出时,中间30分钟的广告插播时间里,花掉广告厂商50万英镑。 3. Other titles considered for the series included "Once upon a time in the West Village", "Insomnia Café" and "Across the Hall". The original title, "Friends like Us", was shortened to the current one-worder. 【译文】剧组曾考虑过使用其它名称作为本剧的剧名:“Once upon a time in the West Village”、“Insomnia Café”、“Across the Hall”。原来的名称“Friends like Us”被缩短为现在的剧名“Friends”。 4. The six characters full names are Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston), Monica Geller (Courteney Cox), Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow), Joey Tribbiani (Matt le Blanc), Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) and Ross Geller (David Schwimmer). 【译文】六位角色的全名为Rachel Green (由Jennifer Aniston饰演),Monica Geller (由Courteney Cox饰演),Phoebe Buffay (由Lisa Kudrow饰演), Joey Tribbiani (由Matt le Blanc饰演), Chandler Bing (由Matthew Perry饰演)和Ross Geller (由David Schwimmer饰演)。 5. According to Aniston, her famous "Rachel" hairdo was created by accident when her "friend" Chris cut her hair with a razor. 【译文】据Aniston所说,她有名的“Rachel”头是由她的“朋友”Chris用剃刀剃头发,意外造成的。 6. Courteney Cox, who was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, is known as CC to friends and family. 【译文】Courteney Cox是在Alabama的Birmingham长大的,她的朋友和家人一般叫她CC(名称首字母缩写)。 7. David Schwimmer attended Beverly Hills High, the school on which the series Beverly Hills: 90210 was based. 【译文】David Schwimmer曾在Beverly Hills高中就学,《Beverly Hills: 90210》剧集就是以这个学校为背景的。 8. Matthew Perry appeared in Beverly Hills: 90210 earlier in his career. He said of his role: "Its kind of a blur, but I remember playing the most popular kid in school who ends up with a gun in his mouth because his Dad is so overbearing". 【译文】Matthew Perry在他演艺事业的早期曾在《Beverly Hills: 90210》剧集里出现过。他是这样评论他的角色的:“我已经记得不是很清楚了,但我记得我饰演的是一个在学校最受欢迎的学生,由于有个太专横的父亲,最后吞枪自尽”。 9. Perry's wit is so legendary that the scriptttwriters have often incorporated his gags into the show. 【译文】Perry的机智简直可以用“传奇”来形容。以至于剧本作者经常把他的插科打诨也写到剧集里。 10. Cox had the honour of being the first person to say "period" on American TV, making a commercial for Tampax. 【译文】Cox有幸成为美国电视剧里第一个说“女性生理周期”的人,此后她还为丹碧丝卫生棉做了个广告。 11. Aniston attended the New York High School for the Performing Arts, the school that Fame was modelled on. 【译文】Aniston曾在纽约高中学习表演艺术,Fame就是在这里选秀的。 12. Central Perk, the café in which they all hang out, is based on the Manhattan Café in New Yorks West Village. 【译文】剧集里,这些好朋友经常去的Central Perk咖啡屋,它的原型是纽约西部村庄里的曼哈顿咖啡屋。 13. Cox was a cover girl for People Magazine's "50 most beautiful people in the world" issue. 【译文】Cox曾作为“全球50位最美丽的人”上了人物杂志的封面。(yangbb补充:Jennifer和Courteney都被评为过“全球50位最美丽的人”,而且还有幸挤进前10名。) 14. She was also dubbed "TV's hottest babe" by American Playboy magazine. 【译文】她还被美国《花花公子》杂志评为“最热门的电视宝贝”。 ................. for more: http://www.niwota.com/submsg/8853629



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