THE DROP feat DONKEY TONK (UK/Street Kids&

THE DROP feat DONKEY TONK (UK/Street Kids&

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Oshi and Tnem are back for the third edition of THE DROP. If you came to the last "drop", where BLACKIE, OSHI & TNEM dropped their Bass fury on the packed dance floor, you won't miss this third edition. Get ready for DJ DONKEY TONK from local Street Kids collective, DONKEY TONK, heavily influenced by gamer and nerd culture, will bring the finest hard hitting bass driven beats in town. WAIT FOR THE DROP Oshi 和 Tnem 回归!带来第三场THE DROP:独一无二, 唯一囊括Dubstep, Bassline, tropical 和electro的派对。 如果你在上个月的THE DROP派对中 感受到BLACKIE, OSHI 和 TNEM三位鬼才DJ势如暴风骤雨的低音浪潮 ,那你肯定不会错过接下来的第三场. 本次特邀北京Street Kids合作社 的 DJ DONKEY TONK,他的音乐灵感来自电子游戏和书呆子文化。 敬请期待OSHI, TNEM 和DJ DONKEY TONK三个将带来全新创意的舞曲体验和赋予力度的音乐编排,给舞池中的你绝无仅有的音乐旅程与派对体验! HERE IS A MAP AND PIX IF YOU HAVE HARD TIME TO FIND YUE CLUB:,116.471563&spn=0.001332,0.00239&z=19&iwloc=00049a339b5bbdf413a79&msid=201673744823920956373.00049a3393fe941245e71



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