NANSHAN SKI TRIP with Culture Yard!

NANSHAN SKI TRIP with Culture Yard!

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Event Description

The winter is here and why not enjoy it at it’s best! Whether you are a professional skier/snowboarder or you have never gone skiing before, join Culture Yard on our first winter ski trip to Nanshan Village ski resort! When? Saturday February 12th, 07:00 am - 18:00pm Where? Culture Yard, Shique Hutong n°10, Beixinqiao How Much? RMB 600 (CY students 500 RMB) includes meals, transportation, entrance fees, equipment and two hours of training in either skiing or snowboarding. Reservation required, limited space. Please send email to or call 010-8404 4166. For more information about our ski trip, please visit our website, or call us 010-84044166. 中外友人在南山的一日滑雪之旅 快来让我们尽情享受这个冬天吧!不管你是新手还是滑雪场上的佼佼者,在这里你都将发现专属的乐趣! 向来以超大规模和先进设备著称的南山滑雪场,将用囊括各级难度的21根雪道欢迎你的到来! 时间:2月12日,早上7点—— (早出发可以错过排队高峰,以便有更多时间体验滑雪) 集合地点:北新桥,石雀胡同10号,天井越洋。 费用:600元,包括: 早餐,租赁滑雪装备,交通,午餐,缆车费,门票,2小时的单板或双板集体训练(单独针对我们的队伍)。 预约:人数有限,需要预约。 请发邮件到 或打电话至 010-8404 4166 更多信息请联系 010-84044166



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