Special CNY Menu at The Taj Paviiion

Special CNY Menu at The Taj Paviiion

Hosted by: Taj Pavilion
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Event Description

Join The Taj Pavilion this year for a celebration of Chinese New Year, Indian Style. Our chefs created a menu of the best of traditional Indian dishes then infused each with a delightful twist – a tribute to the coming Chinese New Year. TANDOORI DUCK 印式烤鸭 (Full RMB 99 /Half RMB 50) (Tender duck marinated in yogurt and spices and grilled in the Tandoor- Indian Oven having a typical charcoal grilled flavor) 新鲜鸭肉浇以酸奶及印度香料, 放入粘土制成的印式'Tandoor'炉中烹调而成 VEG FRIED RICE 蔬菜香米饭 (RMB 38) (Indian Basmati Rice tossed with vegetables green peas and eggs on a hot pan) 印度著名芳香”巴斯马蒂” 香米配以青豆及鸡蛋 TOFU CURRY 咖喱豆腐 (RMB 42) (Chinese Tofu served in a tomato flavored Indian spiced curry and green peas) 印度传统咖喱烩入豆腐、西红柿、青豆 MUTTON DO PIAZA 洋葱烩羊肉 (RMB 72) (Tender pieces of mutton cooked with sliced onions and Indian spices) 精选鲜嫩羊肉配以洋葱及印式香料 HONEY NOODLES 泰姬特色炒面 (RMB 25) (Stir Fried Noodles finished off with a coating of honey and sesame seeds) 印式炒面辅以蜂蜜、芝麻 KABULI NAAN 喀布尔薄饼 (RMB 15) (Special Indian bread baked in the Indian Oven coated with beaten eggs and nuts) 阿富汗 ‘喀布尔’传统烤馕,加入鸡蛋及坚果 This menu is available at all three Taj Pavilion locations in Beijing: Guo Mao, Lidu and Shunyi from January 28, 2011 to February 6, 2010. For location information please visit our website at www.thetajpavilion.com or call us at 6505 5866, 6505 2288 extn. 80116



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