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Borneo是一支来自欧洲的四人摇滚乐队。 Javier(贝司),Manolo(鼓手),Inaki(吉他&唱)和Stuart(主唱)分别来自西班牙和英国。乐队受到六、七十年代音乐的强烈影响,拥有类似Led Zepellin和The Who的摇滚风格,同时加入了更多六十年代的深情元素。Borneo希望为北京的现场音乐加入一点儿感觉。 晚9点 // 30元 Borneo are a four piece rock and roll band from Europe. Javier (bass), Manolo (drums), Inaki (guitar and vocals) and Stuart (lead vocals) hail from Spain and England respectively. The band is heavily influenced by the music of the 1960s and 70s, incorporating the rock and roll style of such bands as Led Zepellin and the Who alongside the more soulful elements of the 60s. Borneo is hoping to bring a bit of soul to the Beijing live music scene. Pm 9 // Rmb 30



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