China Through Cinema @ Culture Yard!

China Through Cinema @ Culture Yard!

Hosted by: Anica
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Event Description

March 29th 19 :30 to 22 :00 « Farewell My Concubine 霸王别姬 » by Chen Kaige 李碧华 王朔 Farewell My Concubine (霸王别姬 literally "The Hegemon-King Bids Farewell to His Concubine"), a 1993 Chinese film directed by Chen Kaige, is one of the central works of the Fifth Generation movement that brought Chinese film directors to world attention. The film explores the effect of China's political turmoil during the mid-20th century on the lives of individuals, families, and groups, in this case, two stars in a Peking opera troupe and the woman who comes between them. The film is an adaptation of the novel by Lilian Lee. Lilian Lee is also one of the film's screenplay writers. Farewell My Concubine remains to date the only Chinese-language film to win the Cannes Palme d'Or. When/时间? 3/29; 19:30 to 22:00 Where/地点? 天井越洋,东城区石雀胡同10号。Culture Yard, Shique Huton n°10 (Beixinqiao Line 5, Exit C, 400m to your left) How much/费用? 25RMB, 包括免费爆米花与软饮料, incl. free soft drinks, popcorn Reservation/报名? Reservation required, only 12 seats available. Please send email to or call on 010-8404 4166



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