Zhang Yide (张艺德,Tianjin)

Zhang Yide (张艺德,Tianjin)

Hosted by: Jianghubar
Påmeldingsfrist: 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM



Event Description

Keyword I: "Awakening of Insects(惊蛰) " Meant to drill into the soil of wintering animals is awakened by the thunder out of activities This refers to the 6 March. I thought it was a good day to open in the show. Keyword II: "Jiang Hu" Means the hero knight of the circle of battles, This refers to the famous Beijing live bar. I thought it was a good place to open in the show. Keyword III: Zhang Yi De, http://site.douban.com/zhangmusic/ Do not curse the North taste laughing folk performers The happiness for you not to worry about you too Time: 2011-3-6 21:00 Ticket: 40/30(Presale) Venue: Jianghu Bar Tel: 18610087613



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