Jianghu Jazz Jam Session [Every Tuesday],

Jianghu Jazz Jam Session [Every Tuesday],

Hosted by: Jianghubar
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Event Description

Do you like Jazz? Do you like Jam? Do you like communication? Then come to Jianghu Bar for the Jam Session! Every Tuesday, Here will have different musicians coming for Jam, and no only Jazz, but also Blues, Fushion, Avant-Gard, Progressive, Experimental, etc. If you are a player, then come here playing with different kinds players; If you are a listener, then come here for comfortable and freedom music; So you think you can play jazz? Then grab your musical instrument and come prove it. This jam session welcomes all the musicians, whatever kind of music they play, so long as they are there to play. Are you ready to jam? Free Entry! Time: Every Tuesday 21:00 Venue: Jianghu Bar Tel: 18610087613



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