Jianghu Movie Night: Shaolin Temple (1982&

Jianghu Movie Night: Shaolin Temple (1982&

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Event Description

The World of Chinese magazine movie series presents the martial-arts classic Shaolin Temple! See teenaged Jet Li starring in his very first film, the amazingly original musical martial-arts epic, SHAOLIN TEMPLE (少林寺, 1982). The very first kung fu film made in Communist China, this features the wide-open pastures of Socialism, the frolicking lambs of freedom, and seriously awesome kung fu. The cast is crammed with China's masters of Wushu. The film was shot entirely on Shaolin temple grounds. And Jet Li? Well, at age 19, he manages some of the best drunken-style boxing ever captured on film. Don't miss this landmark flick -- it made Jet Li a star, was a mad hit at the box office, and revived the Chinese mainland's love for crazy kung fu! Jackie Chan's remake is out in January, but you've got to see the original too. There's nothing else like it. Hosted by Andy Deemer of Troma. SHAOLIN TEMPLE in Chinese with English subtitles FREE ENTRY Doors at 7pm, movie at 7:30pm sharp Jianghu Jiuba 7 Dongmianhua Hutong, Beijing, 江湖酒吧, 北京交道口南大街东棉花胡同7号 18610087613 / map: http://www.tinyurl.com/sanmao Contact Fiona Lee at fionalee@theworldofchinese.com for questions and to reserve your space.



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