Mafia Game (英语杀人游戏)

Hosted by: Victor
Påmeldingsfrist: 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM



Event Description

Friends Network Club ( English + Networking: One More Word, One More Friend, and One More World! Mafia Game (英语杀人游戏) People are killed in this peaceful and cozy town. Panic is spreading and sheriff is out tracing the criminals. Will the sheriff bring the deadly murderers to justice with help of wise townspeople? Or will they be misguided to a dark infernal trap set by the tricky mafia members? We will be there to witness and experience the joy and fascination of this classic hide-and-seek game. GET READY WITH YOUR SHARP EYES FOR YOU SEE BLOOD OR YOU ARE BLOOD. Agenda: 1. 18:30-19:00 Free talk and Dinning 2. 19:00-19:30 Self-introduction & Introduction about Mafia 3. 19:30-21:15 Play game 4. 21:15-21:30 Suggestions to us 杀人游戏英语 法官用语:Judge’s Words 每人一张牌,请看好自己手中的牌。 Each one takes one card. Please look at your own card carefully. 天黑请闭眼。注意:低头、靠后、手离开桌面 It's getting dark. Close all your eyes, please. Attention: Bow/hang/lower your heads, lie back and take your hands away from the table (and keep your hands off the table). 杀手请睁眼。 The killers open your eyes, please. 杀手确定杀人目标。 The killers choose one object you want to kill. Action! killing:杀人游戏 Judge:法官(扑克牌J) Killer:杀手(扑克牌K) Policemen:警察(扑克牌A) Civilian:平民(其它牌) .......................... more details:



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