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  • Sissi Zhang
    Sissi Zhang wrote:

    “We believe that a beautiful tattoo is an expression of the soul.”

    We offer almost any style and design you can imagine – lettering, tribal, minimalist, full color, and much more. We can even create custom work upon request. Bring all your ideas, pictures, printouts, etc. and we will transform them into your own, unique body art.

    We are fully trained in proper, hygienic tattooing to ensure the health and safety of our clients.



    Redscarf TATTOO (sanlitun) OPENING HOURS

    • Monday14:00 -20:00pm
    • Tuesday closed
    • Wednesday 14:00 -20:00pm
    • Thursday 14:00 -20:00pm
    • Friday 14:00 -20:00pm
    • Saturday 14:00 -20:00pm
    • Sunday 14:00 -20:00pm


    • 北京市朝阳区新东路8号院首开铂郡北区5号楼33085 
    • 5-3-3085 shoukai bojun xindonglu Rd chaoyang

    hone:86 13161078584     


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