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    sherillshen wrote:

    The following is an intensive course for one month Chinese for beginners or nearly beginners.  We also offer other programs for beginners who have longer time and want to learn reading and writing.





    week 1

    around 175 words including most used question words, pronouns, numbers and common verbs

    basic sentences like "What's this/that?" and other useful patterns

    basic conversations about greetings, nationalities, locations, time and money, also involved in inviting someone to eat together and talking about activities in the future

    week 2

    around another 180 words including common adjectives, shopping words and some other survival Chinese words

    comparisons, basic sentence structures and word order

    simple conversations about asking for permission, talking about family and activities in the future and past, also involved in going somewhere by means of conveyance, asking and giving directions

    week 3

    around another 200 words including useful conjunctions, adverbs, interesting verbs about "shang4" and "xia4" and words of degree

    Clauses like "if…,…" "when…, …" "because…, so…" before/after…,…" and other practical patterns

    easy conversations about activities in the past and future, talking about weather, vacation, appointment, describing places with simple words

    week 4

    around another 200 words including more useful verbs and phrases

    how to express in a mild tone

    development of asking and giving directions, talking about buying tickets, playing sports, exchanging money, buying medicine and taking pictures

    We East-West Connection provides the highest quality study in China programs that enable individuals to get the most out of their Study in Beijing, China. We help students with accommodations as well.

    Services are available from your arrival at air port if you are not in Beijing. We also offer weekend tours and various activities to students .

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    Email: info@east-westconnection.com

    The website is http://www.east-westconnection.com

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