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  • Cici
    Cici wrote:
    Dear chinese language learners:
    As we all known that learning chinese is not that easy,but here is an experienced chinese teacher who will design a class which just fit for your level.I will never let you feel the study things is only your things,I will do my best to help you,and design a class which really useful in your daily life and work life when you live in China.And we can discuss the place and time we learn.
    My lessons:
    Survival Chinese ,
    Business Chinese,
    Travel Chinese,
    Listening and Speaking Chinese,
    Chinese character.
    Chinese grammar,
    HSK preparation, etc
    my tel: 15910386714
    my email:yingtaohenkeai@163.com
    I encourage you to contact me to discuss your requirements.
    Hope all of you will enjoy the life in Beijing!Regards Cici

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