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  • catherine
    catherine wrote:

    When should I to apply for the china visa?


    My name is Catherine,and I have been serviced many many countries peploe who need china visa.and very glad that so many country people like to living in our country ,and also welcome to china,china is a great place where can enjoy good and happy life .and also with the Chirtmas Day coming if you need a short visa welcome to contact us anytime.

    So we are responsible to providing good and reliable china visa,In my experience,we have been worked for many countries,such as Brazil,Spanish,USA,Austrial,Newzealand,South Africa………ect.we have rich experienced to do china visa for you.

    And now good news is that 5 countries we can do one year china visa with multi entry every 90 days for you.UK,USA,Austrial,Newzealand,Canada,do it in china,no need to come to hk to do it,if your nationality is belong to this 5 countries,and also wish to do it in china,can contact me before expiring for one month or be soon to contact us ,i will give the good advice for one year china visa for you.save money and time for you to do one year china visa for L AND M visa.

    For one year ,6 months or 3 months for L and M also for Q visa Z work visa,we all can do for you.

    So if you need china visa,I advice you to contact us in advance for one month,before the present visa expired,and also for apply china visa you should to know below this questions:

    1.      What is your nationality?

    2.      What is your present visa ?for L or M visa ?if you do not know about it,the best way can sent the photo to us to confirm.

    3.      When is your last stamp on your passport?

    4.      Where is your present visa issued?

    5.      When the present visa expired?

    6.      What kind of china visa way you want to apply?for L or M visa ?For one year or short time visa?

    7.      If your visa record is not very good,also let us know because it will effect the new visa we will do for you.

    But different country have different china visa policy ,this is just the basic information so that we can give the best china visa way for you.

    Our web:www.akvisa.net

    Contact person:Catherine

    Contact skype:catheirn31520

    Contact phone:8615817421312,Wechat number:15817421312

    So if you need china visa service help welcome to contact me.Not only the price but also for the china visa service will be the best for you.

  • Godfather
    Godfather wrote:

    Please folks, be aware that this advert has no office address. Catherine’s office is in her cell phone Skype and wechat. Good luck to those looking for quick visa to celebrate Christmas in China.

  • catherine
    catherine wrote:
    Thanks comment about my passage about china visa advice,yes,we have our office in shenzhen,sometimes we will go to the customer's company and sometime customer will come to our office to talk about visa ,so if friend need visa help welcome to contact me.thanks

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