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  • Atma
    Atma wrote:

    Hi every body! I just came back from China.

    China is great! The problem is the internet there, Everything is blocked, I had good time there, But the first few days,the internet was driving me crazy, I called my friend in uk, And he said that I should use vpn, I bought a vpn account, and the problem gone to hell.

    This is my recommendation, Buy a vpn account before you go there, If it can help you more, I bought my vpn from this website http://saturnvpn.com It's the cheapest and and was perfect. 1Month $3.3 and 3Months $7, 1year $16
    There are 3 common protocols, PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN, PPTP is blocked in almost most of the cities in China, L2TP is blocked in parts of China, But OpenVPN works well, You can access facebook, youtube.....
    Before you buy an account from any website ask them to give you a free trial account at least for 1 day, and test the service before you buy, Because some vpn providers are blocked in China!

    I hope you have great and wonderful time in China.

  • WeLiveInBeijingRess

    1, China is not great

    2, this is the recommendation you put on weliveinUKbutsoontobeinBJ.com

    but you are a fraud anyways...

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