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  • Susanowoo
    Susanowoo wrote:

    Dear users,

    I will celebreate my birthday party in Beijing located in Wuadaoku's Town (Haidian District)

    That's important for me to organize a big party because I want to do something huge for this day.

    Since last February , my life has totally changed in Beijing for a very personnal reason. It is time for me to forget all that past and enjoy my life as I want.

    I live between Beijing and Shanghai but actually i'm more often in Beijing.

    So if you want to come in my birthday party, you and your friends are welcome .

    It will be organized in November and I will try to contact the admins of this site in order to find something to do with them.

    If you want to come , please send me a private message ;)

    Thanks a lot

  • Selim
    Selim wrote:

    je serais là !!!!

  • William
    William wrote:
    Luckily, this isn't a Facebook open invite type of birthday invite :P
  • Susanowoo
    Susanowoo wrote:
    Why Luckily , I want a lot of people for my party :)

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