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  • Yellow Weasels
    Yellow Weasels wrote:

    A square dance during a middle school gym class is the first time many young Americans danced with someone of the opposite sex, and it is still a great way to make friends and have fun in an innocent, playful way.

    Square dancing is easy, and these lessons are for absolute beginners. Anyone can join in.

    Learn authentic American square dancing at Modernista on Monday evenings, with a live caller and fiddler.

    The first class on Oct. 7 is free, and then classes are 30 yuan.

    After the class, you will get a chance to listen to American old time music. On Oct. 7, members of the Hutong Yellow Weasels will perform a show after the lesson.

    It's also a good way to practice your English and meet foreigners in a friendly setting.

  • Seattle Life in Beijing

    square dancing? there should be some people line dancing to old e40 songs or something, thats a good environment but not sure if they have places like that here

  • Yellow Weasels

    Line dancing to E-40 is cool, but the advantage of square dancing is you keep changing partners. Plus, no awesome fiddle player in E-40.

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