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    Dear Fellow WLIBers,

    I am in the process of developing an online business that'll require me to have full access to the internet. I want to know the best VPN service providers for users in China. If you all could tell me some good ones that you've personally used (or a friend or colleague have used), I'd really appreciate it. I know I could just Google but I value referrals more than an internet search engine. Thanks!

    -B. Dynamite

  • Phil
    Phil wrote:

    Hi man..

    I hear from two different friends who use 'Astrill' that it works well - fast and reliable. Don't have personal experience, tho.

    I also wanna know the for same reason, starting online business.. will let you know if I learn something.

  • joe
    joe wrote:


  • 金奥利
    金奥利 wrote:

    VPN is really good for a reasonnable price. Been using it for 3 years now. no problem at all

  • Simon
    Simon wrote:

    https://breakwall.net is pretty good, not the fastest but its very cheap if you only want to use for a bit of facebook/youtube

  • Alexander
    Alexander wrote:

    Astrill is good. If you cant buy it right from the official page, you can find it on taobao.

  • Yaprak
    Yaprak wrote:
    someone only deserves cheap thing
  • WeLiveInBeijingRess
    ^ sounds like you somehow personally unpleasantly involved with someone above :D
  • High Priest
    High Priest wrote:
    I've used different VPN, but expressvpn is the best of the best
  • Yanni
    Yanni wrote:
    depends on which system in your computer, windows xp has very good free vpn, but windows 7 or 8 not really possible you get free one...
  • Yanni
    Yanni wrote:
    by the way, freegate is very old version, don't really know it's still working or not

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