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  • Roger.Z.Y
    Roger.Z.Y wrote:
    Greetings, everybody

    I got a critical interview to take in a month to get myself into a graduate school and it's gonna be in English.  So i' m looking for a language exchange around Wudaokou.  

    I 'm from Tsinghua Univ. and major in Finance, therefore financial topics will be preferred, like what is going on here in China, I believe I can help you to understand China from a local view- what's in Chinese people's mind? Why they act wired in my eyes?

    If you are not a big fan of these shits, any appropriate topics will be fine too. I'm always open to interesting stuffs.

    I speak standard mandarin - no accent. And I will have a pretty loose schedule from August, hopefully we can talk in a high frequency thereby helping us to dive into language environment, which, I believe, seriously helps in language learning.

    My speaking is convensationale, so dont be afraid that we will have a silence. 

    We can have a longer exchange if we get along. Looking forward to grab a drink with you in Wudaokou.

    The exchange will be in the cafes and bars around Wudaokou, the two languages will splits the time.

    Mail address: Rogeryu2013@163.com
  • Morten Hansen
    Morten Hansen wrote:
    Oh and hopefully you speak American English, my listening only works with that : )

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