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  • Steve
    Steve wrote:

    Hi guys,

    I would like your advice with regards to any friends or family you may know that has Type 1 Diabetes (insulin dependant).  I'm from the UK and luckily our NHS supports Diabetics with free medication.

    I am aware it's not free in China but any advice on who to contact or what to do when it comes to getting more medication for this would be a great help.

    Has anyone ever had Insulin sent from their home country to Beijing? I won't be coming to Beijing for a Holiday, I'm intending to stay long term i.e. 5-10 years so I would appreciate all the support I can get here.

    I've been told that it costs about 70 rmb per cartridge which is quite insane since every cartridge lasts about 3 days lol, but I can deal with it. Would anyone advise getting my prescription translated before I move to the UK or try to find somewhere in Beijing for medication advice, if so can anyone recommend anywhere?

    Kind Regards,

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