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  • Susanowoo
    Susanowoo wrote:
    To all the users of the site, I really need your help. I found a very good job in a French based in Chaoyang District not far from the Embassy of the USA. My company said that they can host me in a flat during 3 months but finally they changed , it will only be during 10 days. Before , my girly was in Beijing but I can't contact anymore and my cousin left Beijing for some days. That's why I'm searching a flat to rent, or a roommate . Before I lived in the USA and we were four men in a city house 4 bed rooms, a big bitchen and a big living room. That was pretty cool but Beijing is too big to have this kind of things. If somebody has something to rent , please tell me ;) Near Chaoyang, that will be perfect. Thanks to everybody

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