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  • JoRo
    JoRo wrote:
    I am hastily leaving Beijing and had no time to prepare or plan for this.  I have an apartment that cost about half what other apartments like this cost and it is really the perfect place.  So if you want it - come take it NOW or it has to be left in the dust.

    5500rmb/month + one month security deposit DUE May 7.

    There is 3 months left on the contract.  You will take my contract.  The owner lives in HK - she is super easy going but I have asked for an extra week to pay this next rent payment (that is tomorrow).  At the end of the 3 months, you can renew with her in your own name.  Until then, you will just pay into her ICBC and she doesn't need to know the apartment changed hands - come the end of 3 months - I will pass your name to her just like my friend did when he passed it to me and I took over the contract.  The rent hasn't been changed or raised in 3 years.

    What: 2 bedroom 110 sq meter apartment on the 32nd floor of high rise on Baizewan Lu in the Apple community between Guomao and Shuangjing.  Full kitchen, huge fridge, oven, stove, etc, kitchen has a little balcony.  Massive living room/dining area.  L shape sofa, flat screen.  Full bathroom with separated shower, laundry machine in the bathroom.  2 bedrooms - one is a little bigger than the other.  One has double bed the other one has queen size bed.  I'm also leaving, for free to who wants it: desk chairs, many ikea lights, hundreds of dishes and dishware, glasses and cooking stuff, toaster, etc, full bench and dumbells exersize equipment, paintings, artwork, all my ikea bedding, pillows, comforters, electronics, dvd players, irons, about 500 dvds, etc.  It adds about to between a free 5k-10k worth of extra stuff.  PLUS about 400 left in electricity paid and 3 months left of internet paid.  That's an extra 700rmb included.

    Where: Apple community Building 1 between Guomao and Shuangjing - busiest taxi street in Beijing on Baizewan Lu.

    Why: I don't have time to answer questions why I am leaving etc.  The place is perfect.  There's no hidden scams or whatever - either you want the place or I'm ditching it.  I'm leaving my number here because it's obviously urgent.  Message or call me to come see it tonight or tomorrow morning (and make sure you have the cash ready by tomorrow otherwise it's pointless).

    Message or call me at 18600041351.

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