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  • Jinbo
    Jinbo wrote:
    My last hopes on Chinese food are vanishing

    I'm not gonna remind you the last year scandals, but it took a new level this year, or at least, more people get caught...

    Let sum it up, with all the latest food and drink scandals, you should not:
    Eat any meat (Pork surf and die in Shanghai, Chickens caught the flu and Beef are mixed with Rat and Cat meat when not poisonous enough)
    Drink water (even Nongfu Spring, which is considered by a lot of people as one of the few "good" water in China, has been proven to contain dangerous chemicals in some cases)
    Have fruits (pesticides and chemicals have been found in CRAZY quantities in Pineapples, strawberries, cherries and others sold in markets AND supermarkets all over China)
    Add it to the fact that even some (only a few, but still) 3 to 5 stars restaurant also found high quantity of chemicals in their ingredients, it leaves but one question;

    What is there left to eat?drink?

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