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  • 忙里偷闲
    忙里偷闲 wrote:
    again, the biz partner............

    he did nothing since he arrived BJ till now for 3 months and half, guess what does he complain about my work and me------"you did nothing with these 3 months", "do you have IQ?" ......................

    i took him to China mobile office for 8 times included newspaper station to bought a sim card, why 8 times? he did not realized here is BJ, here is CN, nothing similar with the city the country he lived before, everytime he pissed off by different prices, different policies, he complained so much a lot with me when he back, finally, it sounds all of my fault.......

    he talked me very fast just like talked to a westerner all the time, he blamed me very much for i do not "LISTEN'' to him when i cannot catch up his meaning and language speed, and pissed off every single time by this; i felt funny at the beginning, but now i just don't want to hear any shit from him;

    i took him to met friends months ago, my friend warned me that kick him off from your biz, he can do nothing with it............ i did not listen and my friend now donesn't answer my call; guess what does he think about this? he insults me: do you know what is IQ? do you know why xxxxx(my friend's name) doesn't like you? i truelly want to tell: because of you, my friend doesn't want to hear anything since you involed my works... i did not tell.

    he threated me at least 10 times quit from biz, i felt sorrow at the beginning, now i think it is good for both of all; why not? who need a so-called partner he everyday out for coffee and fishing girls in starbucks? who need a partner who picky around to the working hard founder and seek chance to deal with the work visa under the company name? who need a partner who sit on the desk 3 hours with 3 months and half only?

    i can not simply say'' move'' to him, i feel he is poor boy, he needs care and friendship very much, but he does nothing to my biz, there is no reason to stay in my work plance; what should i do and what can i do?  

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