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  • Alan Wade
    Alan Wade wrote:
    For expats living in other countries, getting the best UK VPN connection would prove to be a blessing.  Living abroad, they yearn for a way to remain connected to their home country. If only they could access the geo-restricted streaming and other websites like BBC iPlayer, 4oD, iTV, Channel5 etc, their yearning to remain connected with their home country would be fulfilled. But, it is possible only through using a UK VPN connection as access to these sites is permitted only to British residents. And, for all online purposes, you will be British resident since you are browsing with UK IP address.

  • High Priest
    High Priest wrote:
    A good vpn is the paid one, I like the service on this vpn which I've used for more then two years
  • Katie Wilson
    Katie Wilson wrote:

    I have also switched my VPN to FastestVPN year ago, and I must say it was one of my best decision, This VPN does have every feature which I want in a VPN. Good Encryption and the widest range of VPN servers in more than 140 countries. And because it’s a great UK VPN Server I can easily watch UK shows here in the USA.

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